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About Us

Serving Monticello, Iowa, and Jones County since 1960, Spahn & Rose Monticello helps builders, contractors and homeowners with large projects, such as new home construction, and small repairs alike. For commercial, residential, agricultural or do-it-yourself needs, Spahn & Rose in Monticello, Iowa, is your project partner.

Spahn & Rose’s knowledgeable staff can assist with project planning, design and delivery of building materials.

Spahn & Rose provides Monticello and Jones County with these high-quality building materials:

Monticello’s Spahn & Rose offers services such as:

  • Design
  • Estimating
  • Delivery
  • Material Take Offs
  • Key Cutting
  • Computer Paint Color Matching

The Spahn & Rose Monticello staff can guide you through any project, big or small. Spahn & Rose helps you buy easier and build better!

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Monticello Spahn & Rose Communities Served

The Monticello Spahn & Rose offers high-quality building materials to these Iowa communities: Amber, Anamosa, Baldwin, Castle Grove, Center Junction, Coggon, Hopkinton, Langworthy, Martelle, Monticello, Olin, Onslow, Prairieburg, Ryan, Scotch Grove, Springville, Temple Hill and Wyoming.