Spahn & Rose’s Estimating Service Makes Contractors’ Job Easier

Winter isn’t finished with the Midwest just yet. But now is the time when contractors and builders plan their spring projects—and Spahn & Rose’s estimating service is an essential part of that planning for many eastern Iowa, northwest Illinois and southwest Wisconsin contractor and homebuilders.

Available on projects of any size, Spahn & Rose’s service provides accurate estimates for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, commercial and agricultural structures, decks, additions and remodels, new-home construction and much more. In addition to spot-on estimates and professionally drawn plans, Spahn & Rose experts create a building-materials checklist so you’re sure you have every nut, bolt, doorstop and piece of lumber you’ll need before the work begins.

Dave Aitchison-DubuqueIn addition to those benefits, Spahn & Rose also offers a number of special features and extras. Dave Atchison, a Spahn & Rose estimator based in Dubuque, Iowa, shares the key attributes that help contractors and homebuilders make the most of the service:

All plans are reviewed for specs and adherence to codes. One of the most valuable aspects of the Spahn & Rose estimate service is a thorough review that ensures building plans satisfy local codes and materials meet client specifications. If the plans don’t include windows of at least the minimal size for fire safety, for example, Spahn & Rose estimators will help the contractor rework the plans so they qualify. Also, if a client asks for a specific size or type of building material, Spahn & Rose estimators will ensure those requests are included in the pricing. “In the long run, it’s a lot more cost-effective to have plans and estimates adhere to code than to have to go back and replace materials,” Atchison says.

You’ll be connected to Spahn & Rose WebTrack. Contractors and homebuilders linked to Spahn & Rose’s WebTrack can access estimates and supply lists anywhere, anytime via the online system. At the job site, contractors can connect to WebTrack and confirm delivery of building materials.

Estimates are simple to read and fully customized. All estimates come in an easy-to-read, customer-friendly format, as basic or complex as your project requires. For contractors, each Spahn & Rose estimate includes a materials list so they can verify they have all the materials they need to complete the project.

You can change material options easily for better bidding. Estimates can easily be updated to include a variety of material brands for windows, decking or anything else your client changes during the bidding process. Because project specs are saved in the Spahn & Rose database, contractors can quickly offer customers different bid options. Cedar deck, or cherry? Want to compare Marvin Windows to Andersen. Curious how altering the pitch of a roof changes a bid? No problem—the numbers are quickly updated and another estimate created.

Rough drafts can be converted to finished, professional estimates. Making your clients’ dreams reality is easy with Spahn & Rose estimating. Even if a contractor brings in a sketch of a deck on the back of a napkin, Spahn & Rose’s expert estimators can convert that scribble to detailed plans with an all-inclusive list of required materials.

Experts’ product knowledge is unsurpassed. Spahn & Rose estimate experts have extensive product knowledge and stay up to date with the most recent trends and new building materials. “I can go through every line of an estimate and tell you where those materials go,” Atchison says. “I’m pretty proud of that. I’ve been doing this 36 years, and I keep on [top of] the latest projects and what they’re used for.”