Spahn & Rose Creates Employee of Year Award Program, Names Greg Wink as First Recipient

This past December, Spahn & Rose created the Employee of the Year Award Program, which acknowledges staffers who exemplify the company’s core values.

The inaugural recipient of the Employee of the Year Award is Greg Wink, a delivery salesman at Spahn & Rose’s Monticello, Iowa, location.

“Every day, in every Spahn & Rose location, employees like Greg excel by providing outstanding customer service and supporting their coworkers,” says Dave Davis, CEO of Spahn & Rose. “The Employee of the Year Award is a way for the company to acknowledge and thank outstanding contributions from employees like Greg.”

To be eligible for the Employee of the Year Award, a nominee must be a permanent full-time or part-time Spahn & Rose employee and have won the monthly Above & Beyond Award during the year. Greg received his Above & Beyond Award this past fall.

Customers, supervisors and coworkers may nominate Spahn & Rose employees for the Above & Beyond Award, thereby making them eligible—should they win—for the Employee of the Year Award. To nominate someone, email a Regional Director or the Marketing and Human Resources department. Customers can also nominate employees for the Above & Beyond Award through Spahn & Rose’s social-media channels, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Dave Haag, General Manager of the Monticello store, nominated Wink for the Above & Beyond Award that led to his Employee of the Year honor. Haag praises Wink for his commitment to customer service, noting that several contractors specifically request him when they place delivery orders. “Greg is an ambassador for Spahn & Rose,” Haag says. “He’s very friendly and knowledgeable about building materials, and he’s always thinking about the next thing that needs to be done.”

In mid-December, the Spahn & Rose Pioneer Group, which represents corporate leadership from across all company departments, reviews the previous year’s Above & Beyond Award winners to select the Employee of the Year. The winner is announced near or during the week before Christmas.

Employee of the Year winners are honored by having their name etched on a plaque in the General Office; they also receive a $1,000 Visa gift card. Monthly Above & Beyond recipients receive a $100 Spahn & Rose gift certificate and a commemorative plaque.

“Customers make the company,” Wink says. “It’s their money that pays me, and I want to keep them coming back.”