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New Assortments Appeal to Homeowners, Help Contractors

Step into any Spahn & Rose store, especially the Dubuque location, and you’ll likely notice a few changes: new displays, additional assortments and even entirely new product lines, such as Benjamin Moore paint. 

While Spahn & Rose offers contractors the highest-grade lumber at excellent prices, we give all our customers much more besides. Spahn & Rose stores constantly strive to provide homeowners and contractors with new, innovative, high-quality products—hand and power tools, for example, and an enormous variety of building materials. 

Spahn & Rose embraces change because the lumber-and-hardware industry continually advances. In the past, for example, roofers managed with handheld hammers. Now nail guns are a must-have for contractors. Manufacturers roll out new products at a dizzying pace, and Spahn & Rose displays only the best of them for the benefit of all our customers. 

Not only does Spahn & Rose provide the best tools for your job, we also have the highest-quality premium building materials, such as cabinets. New Spahn & Rose cabinet displays enable homeowners to select the ideal cabinets to suit their kitchens and baths. With a large selection at a range of prices, Spahn & Rose experts make buying, measuring and designing cabinets easy for homeowners and contractors alike. 

Spahn & Rose has also recently added lighting and plumbing product lines—new displays that make Spahn & Rose your one-stop shop for new home builds and renovations. All these items, tended to by Spahn & Rose’s knowledgeable in-house experts, make customers’ decision making all the easier. Keep your eye out for updates to Spahn & Rose showrooms. Is there a particular product you’d like to see? Let us know! 

Spahn & Rose Donates $15,000 to Luther Manor Communities

Since 2016, Spahn & Rose has donated $15,000 to the Dubuque, Iowa–based Luther Manor Communities, which provides assisted living to those in the tristate area. Founded more than 64 years ago, Luther Manor Communities is a faith-based nonprofit organization that has provided caring services to generations of Dubuque residents and their families. 

Spahn & Rose’s donation has enabled Luther Manor Communities to expand and open the Eisleben household and the Schrup facility, which will serve those suffering from dementia who require assisted living. 

“With Spahn & Rose’s participation, our Grand Meadows facility has been markedly enhanced,” says Janet Warren, executive director of Luther Manor in Grand Meadows. “This year we celebrated the opening of two additional households. This project will help ensure Luther Manor’s long-term viability and will enhance our Continuing Care Community for generations to come. Your support is greatly appreciated.” 

Spahn & Rose has a long history of supporting charitable organizations such as Luther Manor Communities. In the locales Spahn & Rose serves, the company backs organizations like these through volunteerism, donations and community leadership. 

“Spahn & Rose is proud to support the mission of Luther Manor Communities,” says Spahn & Rose CEO Dave Davis. “Organizations such as Luther Manor make our communities better places to live.” 


Spruce Up for the Holidays with Spahn & Rose

Your holiday to-do list probably includes some minor home repairs or upgrades—and Spahn & Rose has the products to help you spruce up ahead of time. At all 23 Spahn & Rose locations, too, you’ll be promptly greeted by knowledgeable associates who can help you find whatever you need. 

Here are five ways Spahn & Rose can help you gracefully enjoy the holidays: 

Light Your Life (and Your House) 

A few new exterior lights along with your Christmas decorations can give your home that extra wow factor. Before guests arrive, check all interior lights as well to be sure none are burned out. Adding nightlights is also a good idea so your guests don’t go bump in the night. 

Fancy Up Your Mudroom 

Spahn & Rose also offers a wide selection of hooks to keep you from having to pile guests’ coats in a corner somewhere. 

Retouch Paint 

Everyday wear-and-tear can leave nicks in paint. A small paintbrush and a little time can make your interiors look like new again. Spahn & Rose’s matching service can help ensure that any new paint will blend seamlessly with your current wall color. 

Upgrade Cabinet Hardware 

Swapping out cabinet handles and pulls for new hardware can give your kitchen a fresh look for the holidays. This quick, easy upgrade requires nothing more than a screwdriver and a few minutes. Spahn & Rose offers a variety of handles and pulls—and while you’re there, check out new cabinet designs for when you’re ready for a complete kitchen renovation. (To match those new pulls, naturally.) 

Shop for Stocking Stuffers 

While sprucing up your home at Spahn & Rose, save time by picking up some stocking stuffers as well. The hardware aisles offer loads of high-quality tools and gadgets perfect for your favorite do-it-yourselfer.