Design Service Makes Homebuilding, Renovations Easy for Contractors

Spahn & Rose’s Design Service is a little like magic: For contractors, builders and homeowners, Spahn & Rose designers transform ideas roughed out on a napkin into a complete, detailed set of plans ready for the construction site.

Drawing on their decades of experience, Spahn & Rose’s designers will customize project plans to your specific needs, whether you’re building a new house, expanding with an addition or renovating an existing home. Our designers can create plans from the ground up for custom homes, spec homes, mixed-use facilities and commercial structures as well.

“I really get satisfaction from designing the right home for the right person,” says Derrick Ward, a Spahn & Rose Designer based in the Dubuque location. “It’s rewarding to see people happy with the final result.”

The design process begins with an initial consultation that usually takes 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the project’s complexity and how thoroughly the parties have prepared ahead of time. During the consultation, a Spahn & Rose designer like Ward will ask questions about lot size, approximate square footage, the home’s layout—the number and position of bedrooms, for example—and any special features the client would like included.

“Many designs can be turned around in a day or two, if a contractor needs the plans quickly,” Ward says, “but typically, most are finished within two weeks.”

Throughout the process, Spahn & Rose designers continually work with clients to make any necessary adjustments to the plans. Should a customer need ideas for a design from the start, meanwhile, Spahn & Rose has a full suite of house plans to draw from as well.

“I pride myself on paying attention to customers’ wants,” Ward says. “Being able to listen and understand what a customer desires means fulfilling a wish list that fits within the budget.”

The design service comes at a reasonable cost. Plans generally run 50 cents per square foot, with most costing $1,100 to $1,300 overall. Contractors who have Spahn & Rose charge accounts simply pay $500 down; the remainder can be charged to their account.

Another benefit of using the Spahn & Rose Design Service is that contractors, builders and homeowners also get access to high-quality Spahn & Rose cabinets. Spahn & Rose estimate experts visit the job site as well to take measurements and ensure accurate price quotes—expertise enabling Spahn & Rose designers to make sure the project sticks to its budget.

Finally, Spahn & Rose designers can also provide a 3D rendering of each design, allowing you to visualize the space. At Spahn & Rose locations, you can also examine high-quality building materials and choose styles that fit your design.

Want to see some magic? Schedule a consultation with a Spahn & Rose designer today.