Whether you found a plan on Pinterest or have your own design idea drawn on a napkin, we can help. We’ll listen to your needs and provide feedback to develop a plan that is perfect for you! Not only can you expect top of class products and service, we can take care of all your construction plan needs!

Featured House Plans

Below you will find a few of our featured house plans we have worked on.  All plans are customizable to your specific needs and budget. Visit your local Spahn & Rose for more information about our house plan service!

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Plan 080117

• 1,810 Square Feet

• 3 Bedroom

• 2 Bath

Plan 070117

• 1,894 Square Feet

• 3 Bedroom

• 2 Bath

Plan 060117

• 2,260 Square Feet

• 3 Bedroom

• 3 Bath

Plan 050117

• 2,995 Square Feet

• 4 Bedroom

• 4 Bath


Plan 040117

• 2,611 Square Feet

• 3 Bedroom

• 3 Bath

Plan 030117

• 1,460 Square Feet

• 3 Bedroom

• 2 Bath

03/01/2017 March Plan

03/01/2017 Floor Plan Design

Plan 020117

• 2,150 Square Feet

• 3 Bedroom

• 2 1/2 Bath

02/01/2107 Design Plan

02/01/2017 Floor Plan Design

Plan 010117

• 1,677 Square Feet

• 3 Bedroom

• 2 Bath


01/01/2017 Floor Plan Design

Our design service goal is to work with you to develop your ideas and turn your dream home into a reality. We will work together every step of the way to  get your project rolling on time, on budget and to your exact specifications. Before your plans are finalized, we can provide a 3D color rendering to allow you to virtually walk through the design to make final decision on all of the details. We are your home experts when it comes to design!

Don’t know where to start? If you have a dream, give us a call so we can help make it happen!

Our store locations that can help you design your dream home span three different states including Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. The cities with locations in Iowa are: Waverly, Edgewood, Grundy Center, DeWitt, Dubuque, Newton, Osage, Readlyn, West Union, MarshalltownKnoxville, Monticello, JesupDyersville, Cresco, Independence, Decorah, Charlotte and Tipton. The cities in Illinois are: Pearl City, Stockton, Byron and Warren. For Wisconsin the city is Prairie Du Chien. Let us help you make your dreams come true!