Paint Color Matching – Spahn & Rose Lumber Co.

Bring us a sample of fabric, carpet or flooring, and we’ll locate or create a matching paint color in a matter of seconds. Spahn & Rose computer paint color matching service is designed to help you find the right color and shade for any project! You won’t have to worry about the color. Our experts in paint will be able to get the color to your exact needs. We value you as a customer, and strive to reach perfection – that is exactly what we will do for you. So stop on by your nearest location and let us help you create the color you need to make your home look beautiful!

Our store locations that can help you get the right color in a timely fashion span three different states including Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. The cities with locations in Iowa that have paint are: Waverly, Edgewood, Grundy Center, DeWitt, Dubuque, Newton, Osage, Readlyn, West Union, Knoxville, Monticello, Dyersville, Cresco, Independence, Decorah, Charlotte and Tipton. The cities in Illinois are: Pearl City, Stockton, Byron and Warren. For Wisconsin the city is Prairie Du ChienMarshalltown and Jesup are the only two locations that do not have paint.